Be Part Of The Solution, Stop Air Pollution

Stop air pollution! Stop air pollution! Do you know what air pollution is? Do you know how it affects people? Do you know ways of stopping it? Well your going to know if you just read this post. So what is air pollution you say? It is the black smoke coming from all of the factories, vehicles, fireplaces, and ETC. The most place with heavy air pollution is China. If you go to some places in China you can see people wearing gas masks and you can look up and see a lot of smog.

If air pollution covers the earth, then we might not survive and neither would all of the insects and animals. So here are some affects of air pollution lung cancer, acid rain, damage wildlife, asthma, and more often heart attacks. Those affects can really be pain full like acid rain, lung cancer, and heart attacks. The most things that we use that make air pollution are fossil fuels. Every time we burn fossil fuels we release chemicals in the air that can have a higher chance of cancer and asthma. Also whenever we burn fossil fuels we release carbon dioxide that makes the world warmer and that’s how we get global warming. One affect of global warming is the melting of polar ice caps.

 So now how we prevent this air pollution to cover the whole world is stop using bio fuel and fossil fuels, and start using wind turbines, water turbines, and solar panels. Even though wind turbines, water turbines, and solar panels are expensive we can still use the most of our money and turn green. We can conserve energy by turning of lights, computers, and other electrical appliances. If we do this then the factories that are making electricity wont use as much fossil fuels. Another way of being green is recycling. Recycling because most people don’t recycle and they put it in the normal trash, and all of the trash gets burned and turned into air pollution. So will you be part of the solution and stop air pollution?time to think Indraneel Biswas via Compfight


Yesterday we started to learn about Limericks. Limericks are poems that are about five lines and are hilarious most of the time, but they don’t have to be funny. Limericks DO have to rhyme and the rhythm is AABBA. Here is one of my limerick.

There was a boy and he jumped in grime

Later he jumped in a lot of slime

He wanted to cry

But he started to die

while he was dying he jumped in grime


Week 4 Activity 2

Write a list of international events you have taken part in since Christmas 2014. What were they celebrating? What did you do to celebrate?

Canada- They were celebrating the college that was just built, What we did was pray then eat.

Germany- They were celebrating a religious holiday, What we did to celebrate was we prayed then ate then the adults give out money to kids.